What we can do for you

The advantages of entrusting your merchandise to CAAF

Quality and safety

These are the priorities of our clients and thus ours as well. We meet these requirements by guaranteeing safe transport at controlled temperatures to assure you that the products maintain their original quality throughout the whole transport chain.


With this service clients can make us of a more flexible method of transport that allows for capillary distribution at a national and international level with full shipments or per single pallet.

Refrigerated vehicles

Our insulated refrigerated vehicles are in line with current regulations in the sector of food transport such as the transport of meat, the transport of dairy products, the transport of fish products, the transport of fresh pasta, the transport of medication and in general of any product that requires transport at controlled temperatures.

Personalisation of vehicles

Our vehicles can become a means of communicating your brand: for collaboration on a continuous basis it is possible to personalise our lorries with the client’s brand and turn it into a moving advertising vehicle.

Vehicle monitoring

Thanks to the online tracking system, you will always be able to check up on your merchandise not only to find out where it is but also to know at what temperature it is travelling.


Integrated Logistical Service of storage and preparation of orders in the refrigerated warehouse that is located in a strategic position in Northern Italy and connected to platforms of refrigerated warehouses in the Centre, South and on the Islands.
Transport to and from: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, England, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland and Hungary

The sector of transport of refrigerated merchandise requires an increasing number of transport solutions at a European level that can guarantee product intactness. We can help our clients with efficient transport services that are flexible and reliable throughout the whole of the supply chain.

The experience and know-how that we have gained with many years of work for important companies on all levels of the market enable us to listen and respond to their specific requirements. Our service is entirely dedicated to the transport of merchandise at a constantly monitored and controlled temperature.



The ATP is a protocol that regulates the international transport of perishable goods and establishes the characteristics of the special vehicles that are suitable to carry out this kind of transport. ATP regulations require lorries to be equipped with isothermal fittings for transport in refrigerated vehicles and that these vehicles undergo technical tests and checkups linked to hygiene and sanitary aspects.

The regulations also specify which kinds of products are subject to these directives: drinking milk, concentrated partially dehydrated milk, fermented milk destined for heat stabilisation, flavoured milk, pasteurised milk, milk based drinks, milk creams, ricotta cheese, fresh cheese, blood that is destined to the production of plasma protein, butter, liquid anhydrous butter (through heat), fresh meat, frozen meat, offal, poultry, game, edible molluscs, lamellibranch molluscs, fresh fish products, all frozen and deep frozen food ( including ice-cream, fruit juice and peeled eggs).