We transport refrigerated hung and packaged meat

Fresh and frozen fish, delivered punctually all over Europe

Exceptional experience and competence in the management of delicate fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, flowers etc.
We also transport refrigerated non food products
Guaranteed cold chain according to ATP temperature parameters
Advanced equipment of vehicles: refrigerated lorries and subzero vehicles, two different temperatures, data monitoring during transport
Intactness of goods at all times, from loading to delivery

Maximum care in the handling of edible organic goods

Highly flexible and personalised solutions, handling of goods and time scales that are suitable for any kind of perishable good

The transport of refrigerated products that is entrusted to CAAF Trasporti is carried out with the aid of latest generation GPS technology to constantly monitor the temperature of the products that are transported whether they are fresh, very fresh or frozen, guaranteeing intactness at all times, from loading to delivery at destination.

Every job order is carried out by activating a made to measure service that respects the characteristics of the various kinds of merchandise, adhering scrupulously to ATP regulations that govern the handling of refrigerated, frozen and deep frozen products.

CAAF Trasporti is specialised in the transport of food products, by adopting monitoring processes that conform to the HACCP system (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and by applying a mandatory self-monitoring model to all the operators who are involved in every step of the food transport chain.