C.A.A.F. is a refrigerated transport consortium of self-employed drivers that has been operating in the international transport of merchandise at controlled temperatures on behalf of third parties since 1972.

Our consortium comprises self-employed drivers who often personally drive their own vehicles and who are thus strongly motivated to do their best and to invest in order to always have an efficient, safe and high performing vehicle, which allows them to carry out punctual deliveries while scrupulously respecting the cold chain.

Over the years the professionalism, precision and wish to constantly improve the quality of the services that we offer have enabled us to establish ourselves on the Italian and overseas markets in the transport sector increasing the volume of our turnover each year.

Our fleet of vehicles exclusively comprises refrigerated lorries that are equipped to transport perishable goods at controlled temperatures such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and food in general, as well as plants and flowers and bio-medical products between -25° C and +25C°, in compliance with ATP regulations.
We offer our collaboration and consultancy to solve every possible problem regarding the refrigerated transport of goods by road, drawing on the experience we have gained on national and European roads, mostly along the Routes to/from East European Countries and the UK.
We work daily throughout the national territory and we are organized to load, unload and transport goods throughout the European Union.
Transport of goods at controlled temperatures, distribution, groupage and storage


The mission of our consortium of transporters has always been to integrate refrigerated transport with the other links of the cold chain with the objective of creating value by improving our partnership relations with our Clients.
The improvement processes that are carried out in the company focus on:

  • the efficiency and speed of internal communication between the coordination centre and the vehicles
  • flexibility towards our clients
  • the constant alignment of medium and long term objectives
  • problem solving
  • reduction of the environmental impact

Why choose CAAF to transport your goods?

  • The drivers have undergone training and are highly responsible (460.000 Km travelled on average by each driver without causing accidents).
  • New high performing vehicles
  • Punctual deliveries
  • Traceability of lots, including the recalling of products, with the shipping status and online publication of transport documents (TMS)
  • Position and temperature data of the shipments available in real time
  • Care of the cold chain
  • Flexible transport solutions in terms of volumes, destinations, means of transport etc.
  • Good value, reliable and safe transport to improve the competitiveness of your company
  • Compliance with the European international transport regulations under the ATP system


SHARED GROWTH This is a key element in our Refrigerated Transport Consortium. Implementing shared growth has a positive impact on the personal growth of the company’s co-workers, from the warehouse staff, to the employees and the carriers who thus become active and responsible individuals to whom we supply the tools
to grow and develop in a flexible and dynamic company that wants to bind its performance with individual success, linked by a shared objective: satisfying the Clients who choose us to transport their goods.